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If the frequency of your Regularly Scheduled Payment is monthly, your selected donation amount will be added to your Regularly Scheduled Payment. If the frequency of your Regularly Scheduled Payment is weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or changes at any point, your selected donation amount (and therefore your Regularly Scheduled Payment) will be adjusted accordingly, so that your total annual contribution remains the same.

You hereby authorize MCAP to automatically withdraw the above-noted donation amount from the account you have instructed us to take your Regularly Scheduled Payments, and remit your donation to Habitat on your behalf.

You may change the donation amount, or cancel it altogether, by contacting MCAP's Customer Service Centre at any time.

After December 31 in each year, if your total donations exceed $20, Habitat will issue and mail a tax receipt to the Property Address (or Mailing Address, if applicable), in the name of the Borrower identified above.

Yes, please send me Habitat's newsletter, "The Habitat Spirit", mailed to the above address twice per year.
Yes, please send me Habitat's eNewsletter, "Inside Habitat", emailed approximately once per month.

By providing this information you consent to MCAP and Habitat collecting, disclosing, and using it for follow-up contacts, statistical purposes, and to process and recognize any donations. You understand that this information will be disclosed to employees and agents of MCAP and Habitat as necessary to accomplish these purposes.

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++Charitable Registration # 82657 2752 RR0001
* MCAP's commitment is to match, dollar for dollar, all donations made by borrowers, brokers and employees. MCAP may restrict the total matching in the future.